Le programme

1/The study of scarcity and choices

* Opportunity cost * wants and needs * Maslow's hierarchy of needs

The basic economic problem

The consequences of scarcity

The social construction of scacity



2/ Class struggle and social movements.

A typology

* Old/New social movements.

The marxian point of view. 

* Class struggle (in the capitalist system) * Pro and anti marxian arguments * Is the marxian point of view relevant nowadays ?



3/ Institutions, the deep determinant of economic growth ?

A need for explaination.

* the basic interconnexion between geography, integration and institutions.

Institutions matter.

* Informal institutions * Formal institutions

Institutions don’t matter.

 * The genetic explaination * The geographical explaination



Exemples de sujets :

* Explain the diversity of social movements * Class struggle belongs to the past. Discuss this viewpoint * Class struggle : past, present and future. 

* Scarcity : past, present and future * We live in a consumer society. Explain why scarcity is not a natural fact * Analyse the consequences of scarcity.

Explain the role of institutions on economic growth * Discuss the role of institutions in terms of economic growth *


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